FAQs when purchasing a fibreglass swimming pool

As a member of the public, a licenced pool builder, or a home builder; we understand you will have some questions when it comes to investing in one of our fibreglass pools. Therefore, to provide you with immediate answers, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that has not been answered, feel free to contact us, we’ll be only too happy to assist.

Will a fibreglass swimming pool discolour or stain?
Maintenance is required with fibreglass pools, however, they generally will require less maintenance than a concrete pool. We build our pools with the highest quality raw materials to stand the test of time. The interior of our pools are coated with Aquaguard eco plus gelcoats which have anti microbial properties that assist in the reduction of chemical usage at the pool surface.

How long will a fibreglass swimming pool last?
Masterbuilt Pools Pty Ltd entire fibreglass pool range are backed with a 25 year structural warranty and in our 35 years as pool manufacturers we’re yet to see any signs of deterioration. All interior colours are high definition UV stabilised to retain their brilliance and lustre for many years of service, giving what we believe is the perfect pool interior.

Will a fibreglass swimming pool crack?
Our fibreglass pools are solid as a rock and will flex with minor ground movement. We offer a 25 year structural warranty on all our swimming pools.

Can I empty a fibreglass swimming pool?
A fibreglass pool can be emptied but not without first contacting the pool installer who should advise and provide supervision.

What styles of fibreglass swimming pools are available?
Masterbuilt Pools Pty Ltd offer a wide range of aesthetically pleasing inground fibreglass pools to complement any backyard design. Visit our Pool Designs page to see our range.

Is the surface of a fibreglass swimming pool abrasive?
No, given that our swimming pools are all 100% fibreglass, you can expect nothing but a silky smooth finish underfoot. Our fibreglass pools are not abrasive and provide safety for you and your family.

Is fibreglass compatible with saltwater?
Yes, fibreglass pools can be filled with saltwater or chlorinated water.

Can fibreglass swimming pools be installed in small backyards with restricted access?
Absolutely, we design our fibreglass pools to fit into some of the smallest of yards. Our Versace pool is approximately 3.0m x 3.0m. Careful planning is required to ensure the job goes smoothly but bobcat excavators are now small enough to fit through a door. Call your local excavator operator and have them view the site before you order their services.

How long does it take to install a fibreglass swimming pool?
This really depends on the pool builder that installs your swimming pool. Generally you can allow 2-3 days for excavation and shell installation however if you’re property is more challenging, this can take longer. You will also need to factor into account landscaping around the pool – paving or decking generally can take up to 1 week. Finally, Certifiers and Engineering takes around 2 weeks to get approvals.

Do I need council approval to install a fibreglass swimming pool?
Yes, council approval is required. You will need to approach Certifiers and Engineers.


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